Two Cupid's Chili Dogs

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Moved out of town and missing your Cupid's dogs? You can now get your favorite chili dogs shipped right to your front door.

What you get

Three dozen dogs + chili

To keep shipping costs lower, our package includes dogs and chili only (no buns or extra condiments).
Same great chili we've been serving since 1946!!
Hot dogs are the same recipe with our signature snap but are now all beef


$135 - chili and dogs (frozen) packaged in an insulated cooler with foam ice bricks.
Shipping - Shipping costs vary. We ship 2 day express to ensure your food arrives safely.
We do everything we can to get you the lowest price possible!

Email Us

Send us an email at with your address and we'll respond with a quote for shipping and an invoice. Please make sure you include your shipping address. Looking forward to sending you dogs!


Our hot dogs consist of a natural casing, that's what gives them their signature snap. Because of this, do no heat them on a grill or the casing will pop. They must be heated in hot water.

• Heat a pot of water but do not let it boil (this will also make them pop)
• Drop your dogs in the water and once they float they are done, just a few minutes.
• The hot dogs are already fully cooked, this simply warms them up.

Your order came with two separate pieces of concentrated chili.

• Place equal parts of each in a double boiler/pot with a small amount of water, covering less than half the chili. Remember you can always add more water but you can't take it away, so better to start with less. 
• As the chili heats up, stir and continue adding water until it reaches the desired consistency. It should take about 4.5 cups of water to make the 36oz of chili.
• You should be able to easily pour the chili on your hot dog. If you make it Cupid's way and not too thick you will get 36oz from these two bags.

Our chili for shipping is prepackaged in the amount for 3 dozen hot dogs. We can send you less than 36 hot dogs but the chili will remain the same.

Yes, of course!! We have many customers that order 6 or even 9 dozen.

Express shipping is not cheap so to help keep your shipping fees as low as possible we want to keep the box as small as we possibly can.

You can find very comparable buns at your local grocery store, Smart n' Final, or even Costco. You need a basic 7" hot dog bun. If you can find the brand Bimbo you nailed it. Add some chopped onion and yellow mustard, and you got it!

20-30 seconds in the microwave.

We quote out every order individually because shipping rates vary so there is no standard shipping price.

Once we have sent you a quote and you say to proceed with the order, we will send you an invoice through PayPal. No account with them is needed. It is just a platform for you to enter your credit card info into.

Please send us another one and make sure you typed in your e-mail address correctly. If you mistyped it our response will not make it back to you. You can always send us an e-mail directly and not go through our online form. Just please remember to provide your mailing address. Our e-mail address is

Every order is frozen and then packed in an insulated cooler along with gel ice packs. Both the cooler and the ice packs are reusable.

To ensure the product does not spoil we send everything out UPS express 2-day. If you live within 1-day ground shipping distance to us, we will send yours ground. You will receive it the next day and the shipping price will be cheaper.

Please let us know that it is a gift and we will not include your receipt and if you want a special note written to them please let us know what that is and we will provide that on our Cupid's postcards.

If you ship to a commercial address, it will be $4 cheaper than if we send to a residential address. If this is the case, you will need to tell us that.

Yes. UPS will send you tracking updates throughout the shipping process. We use the e-mail address you first contacted us through. Please watch out for the delivery as you don't want it sitting out all day.

No, all orders ship out on Wednesday. This means that for most people, the order will arrive on Friday. Those close to us will receive their package on Thursday. You can always request a specific delivery date if needed.

We ask that if you know a huge storm is coming your way and roads/airports will be closed to please let us know so we can hold your package. FedEx will not refund for any weather-related delays. If your package gets held up, it will spoil, and that is not good for it anyway.